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Frequently Asked Questions

wWhat is The PEAK School?
wWhat are Charter Schools?
wWhat is the cost of attending The PEAK School?
wWhat is The PEAK Curriculum?
wWhat is Accelerated Education?
wHow will my child benefit from attending The PEAK School?


What is the PEAK School?
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The PEAK School is an independent, non-profit, academically oriented public charter school. Like any other state-funded public school, The PEAK School is open to all without regard to race, color, creed or national origin. Our school is not associated with Flagstaff Unified School District, nor is The PEAK School associated with any religious or political group. The PEAK School serves grades K - 8.

What are Charter Schools?
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Charter schools are innovative public schools usually operated by private parties under contract to, and overseen by, a sponsor. In our case, The PEAK School is sponsored by The State Board for Charter Schools. The State Board reports directly to the State Legislature. The PEAK School must follow state educational guidelines, but is not under local school district control. By having complete local control, all funds go directly to student programs. No district administrative costs are borne by the school. The PEAK School is also able to accept students from throughout the Flagstaff area.

What is the cost of attending
The PEAK School?

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As with any public school, operational costs are borne by the State. There is no tuition cost to attend The PEAK School.

What is The PEAK Curriculum?
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The PEAK School provides a varied and academically challenging curriculum with an emphasis on individualizing instruction for each student. Language arts, math, science, history, geography and computer skills are taught. Additionally, art, music and physical education are an integral part of the curriculum. The PEAK School uses the well-known Core Knowledge Sequence published by the Core Knowledge Foundation. The Core Knowledge curriculum encourages consistent academic progress as children build their knowledge and skills in a sequential manner, while preventing repetition and gaps in instruction. All children are provided with strong educational foundations allowing them to connect new learning to their existing knowledge base. The Core Knowledge Sequence works with the Arizona State standards, skills based instruction, and enrichment programs to create a balanced school curriculum. Additionally, PEAK offers an affordable before and after school enrichment programs.

What is Accelerated Education?
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Accelerated education is a concept that provides students with the opportunity to efficiently learn skills such as reading, writing, calculation, and verbal communication. Additionally, general knowledge, as in The Core Knowledge Sequence, is quickly taught and mastered.
Acceleration is accomplished at The PEAK School through:
1)Small class size.
2)A gifted curriculum that allows students to self pace.
3)Individualized ongoing assessment that measures student success.
4)Highly trained teachers that believe in and know how to individualize for each student.
5)Small group skill instruction for Language Arts and Math.

How will my child benefit from attending
The PEAK School?

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The PEAK School provides a learning environment that enables all children to learn at a high level. Students are guided in their personal interests, encouraged to challenge their capacities, and taught to become self-directed goal setters and learners. The accelerated and individualized learning opportunities provided by The PEAK School empower children to excel beyond traditional school expectations.


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